Watch “Psychic Twins Prediction Of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce” on YouTube

There are two woman  in this television show that predicted 911 two years before the event occur.  The source of validation is a radio show  that clearly shows they were  right about the event.

The spirit vibration of  the psychic woman on the right is a wolf at times that covers her torso and then her face that is tired looking almost brownish around the eyes

Meaning-   She is very loyal person and dedicated and trustworthy  but is tired of having to tell the world that she is different because most people will not understand that she lives into two different worlds and is able to understand parts of  both dimension and communicate messages by writing on  piece of paper.(  Spirit vibrations)

The twin on the left is more shy and has secrets that she keeps to herself about herself.  The vibration on her torso is a lite room with a person standing looking inward towards the light and there is a another being right next to her that is very close to her.

One of the interesting vibrations of them both is they are a magnet for evil intentions or not good energy but they can change negative energy into light by transmuting dark energy  into light literally and by  communicating light and truth.  They are empaths also.


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