NASA planet searching telescope Kepler finding planets that are ideal for life.

English: Illustration of NASA's Kepler telesco...

English: Illustration of NASA’s Kepler telescope. Français : Télescope spatial Kepler – Vue d’artiste. NASA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two planets found by Kepler telescope are idea for life because they orbit a Dwarf star and are extremely close to the orbits of mars and earth to our own Dwarf star.   According to astronomers so far these two planets, said William Borucki the chief  scientist of NASA’s  Kepler  Telescope department.

The names of the two planet are called Kepler-e and Kepler and the size of  these two planets are wider slightly but are in the golden lock zone.

The planets are about 1’200 light years away.  A light year is about 6 billion miles away from earth.

The star is 7  billion years old which is 2.5 billion years older than our sun.

The discoveries were published online  Thursday in the journal Science, mark  a moment of thrill for scientist around the world.  Slowly the public is being informed that we are not alone in the universe.

The Kepler-11 planetary system, with at least ...

The Kepler-11 planetary system, with at least 6 planets in short orbits.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a  far distance the earth looks like a dot  but closer examination tells us it is a sphere .   Have you ever taken a flight to a far distance place and stay up during the flight?  I have and as the sun come up a person observing can see that the earth is round which is validation of what is taught to the massive.


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