Beautiful verses Ugly

The Ugly Truth (film)

The Ugly Truth (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every time someone looks at someone they are giving them positive energy or negative energy that is going on their spirit self.

Beauty is pleasing to the mind and heart and so a person gives more positive energy to someone that is beautiful when using the physical eyes.

ugliness is displeasing to the heart and mind sometimes which give less positive energy to the individual being looked at while seeing with our physical eyes.

We always look with our spirit eyes when using our physical eyes.  This is how we direct our energy to what we are looking at here.

I have watched men and woman talk to each with words that we hear with our ears and if the conversation is good positive energy is exchanged towards each other. I meaning spirit energy is given to each other.

The observation was a woman was sitting and man came by and  decided to talk to the woman.  His words reached her ears and after he stopped talking a wave surge( Spirit energy ) layer or was absorbed  by the womans aura field.  Then she spoke with words and stopped and a wave surge went to him and was absorbed.  This went back in forth for about five minutes . The reason it stopped was the man said something and then the wave surge went herway but instead of the woman absorbing the energy her aura field spotted it from entering in and was send back to him.  after this there was no more communication between them.


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