English: Lightning over the outskirts of Orade...

English: Lightning over the outskirts of Oradea, Romania, during the August 17, 2005 thunderstorm which went on to cause major flash floods over southern Romania. Română: Descărcări elctrice la marginea oraşului Oradea, în timpul furtunilor din 17 august 2005, ce au cauzat de asemenea şi viiturile din sudul României. it was shocking Technical details: Canon EOS 300D, EF-S 18-55 lens; Exp: 30s; F/13; ISO400 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



In this  world a man and woman come together in romance by sharing moments of  joy and happiness with each other here on earth.  Almost all romance starts out with good intentions and high vibrations of heart and mind which creates happiness around and on each person they love . Another way of saying this when joy and happiness come upon us and around us, it leaves a positive spirit energy and symbols on our bodies that are white.

When a parent talks to a child with kindness in their voice they are giving positive vibrations to the child they are talking to and if done long enough it will create spirit symbols on the physical body.  The symbols that I see are of  smiles and symbols of animals that are known to us now and animals that do not exist here on the planet now.  There are many different kinds of symbols that i have been aware of here on earth.

The symbols can be seen by all those who can see spirit energy with practice.

If a man or woman speaks unkind words to a child it leaves darken spirit energy on a child. Because  each person that is born into mortality is a good person but while we are here we choose to say unkind words which mean even through we are good beings we can give on a sliding scale difference degrees of positive energy and different degrees of dark energy to child when we speak to them.  A if we speak unkind worlds to a child almost all the time the dark energy become dark black on them which mean the child without know it has a inability to love .

When a child grows up without recognizing that he has to learn how to love without being taught this by the childs parents will have the vibration to find a match.   The stumbling steps one has in having a loving relationship is long because  it will take a life time to know how to love .

I have seen this spirit vibrations on people and children.

English: The smile that won over the hearts of...

English: The smile that won over the hearts of millions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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