English: Lightning over the outskirts of Orade...

English: Lightning over the outskirts of Oradea, Romania, during the August 17, 2005 thunderstorm which went on to cause major flash floods over southern Romania. Română: Descărcări elctrice la marginea oraşului Oradea, în timpul furtunilor din 17 august 2005, ce au cauzat de asemenea şi viiturile din sudul României. it was shocking Technical details: Canon EOS 300D, EF-S 18-55 lens; Exp: 30s; F/13; ISO400 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Observation of looking at spirit energy that radiants around us continually.  I noticed today that  each persons spirit is born into a flesh body that we use while in this awareness.   For those who can see spirit energy  I am sure they see the same thing.   The spirit is inside the physical body and clean white energy is radiating from the physical body outward continually in all direction while doing anything in this life.  The radiation of energy goes outward in like a pulse that spreads in all directions.    It is a beautiful to look a upon because its our  home of who we truly are as a being  that is self aware.

I was watching a mother talking to her children  explaining and instructing the children who  listen to her and obeyed the instructions of staying still until her husband came and they left together.  The observation if one could see the spirit world would see a another layer of understanding of this experience.   The other layer is the mother spirit  if there was a scale (1 to 10) of brightest of spirit brightest  was  four but the children were six and seven.    Its interesting to watch a mother who in this life is responsible for children who have brighter spirits be submissive and humble so their mother can learn from her children.  The children were much more brighter.


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