love poem 11.0

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The joyous noise of little feet that come in the morning time in search of a hug and smile.

Never ending love

The stranger as one passes by gently gives a smile or look in your direction with love or good feeling that  leaves one with joy in ones heart for moment.

Never ending love

We all know that when we are filled with love from within and are balanced we share our love to with song and dance and communication .

Never ending love

We I see you in the morning a seed begins to open my heart and it grows brighter and brighter each day I open my eyes and see you being there.

Never ending love

I remember the hugs and laughter and making up we share with each other and the tears we share for each other.

Never ending love

As we become more and more aware of our true selfs for each other in the world and the spirit world one thing that is learned is we are all connected and love each other more than is imaginable in the next life.

Never ending love


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