new age 296

new age 296 (Photo credit: abcdlish)



A person can know something from their mother and father or by reading a book and this starts to create a belief in their heart and mind.  Another way to have is to be taught by seeing with our spirit eyes.  And for those who have done this understand and know something better than someone who has not the awareness yet.  (Connect to your trueself).

Many times throughout my day I take time to read a person spirit vibrations as i am working or have been asked.   We all know that we are a spirit being and a physical being and being connected to one physical body at the moment. This is where people like to stay in their belief of what reality is for them.  While i was reading this person I  became a ware that this person spirit was from other dimension that most of us do not hangout at in the spirit world.  To read about an experience like is a layer of knowing  of the true of reality.  Then seeing it with our spirit eyes is even a greater knowing because its not a belief but a knowing of what is now and what will be for every one.  Everyone  attracts daily what people and spirit beings they will have around them by the things we think and feel and do each day.  Enjoy your day!



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