Spirit Vibrations Of Attached Spirit

Stomach. 2013

Stomach. 2013 (Photo credit: Markus Wintersberger)



Today  my observation was of a person  who was modeling for a product within my daily routine.  And while  looking at the persons stomach I noticed  a hand  on the stomach then a arm and finally a face. The spirit person was reaching from behind the person modeling.

Meaning- some people when they die do not crossover to the other side of the veil but attached themselves to other people and experience  life of the person that is still alive in the world we live in.

Some spirits who attached themselves to us here  are not evil  spirit but are scared to cross so they gang on to  another that they know in the physical world.



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One Response to Spirit Vibrations Of Attached Spirit

  1. Debra Fulton says:

    Perhaps true….one thing I have learned in my journey is spirits have “jobs” ( as in guardianship) they work on to further learning after leaving this realm. All people, and all spirits, are in different stages of learning and development. There are several possibilities that exist for the spirit who is latching on. They may simply be watching over, or may feel a need to “wait” for the passing of the person they love.

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