Watch “world fastest wonderful genious violin player” on YouTube


The spirit symbols on this young woman was interesting to look at while she was playing the violin during her  video presentation.  To watch her and listen to beautiful  violin music is a thrill.  Truly a gifted person who can amaze anyone with her abilities.

I was looking at her hand moving rapidly over the strings without making a mistake and while looking her  spirit hand  symbols became clear to me.  Her hand  moves intelligently across the strings to produce a good clear sounds for ears to hear. The intelligence comes before the music and the work evolved is steady hard work.  The work is not fun.

The pieces of music gives one a awe while hearing it but for her she is not amazed by what she does because for her its just another moment of doing what she was raised to do .

There is a part of herself that she does not like about herself.

Her arms are an extension of the violin;  she and the violin are one.


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