While experiencing this life we have moments that occur naturally that causes us pain emotionally or we feel panic.  When feeling panic the sensation feeling feel  is generally centered  our upper chest  and can cover the whole body with a strong panic feeling.   Panic spirit symbols are almost always near the upper chest and just below the throat area. I think it alway placed there because its like a weight around our necks and it pulling and hanging around wait for the right trigger so it can explode.

Today i saw on a person with one that was a happy face and it was white in color.  It sounds like this is a good thing except its in the wrong place because her panic  is she enjoys being happy and putting on a front that she is happy.  Everything is wonderful until someone or thing disturbs or feeling on happiness then she will begin behaviors or speech which could be  salt and pepper speech.

No one has a sign out saying this is there panic situation or trigger but in normal living conditions with other people we learn what each person trigger are and hopefully we stay away from them .

Panic attack

Panic attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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