becky (Photo credit: AndrewEick)


I was asked to look a upon a woman spirit symbols and we will call her Becky. I saw a dark blue crystal like thing in the Becky aura. It was on the forehead and very near the hairline.

When a person has something like this in their aura it can cause disturbance in them. After i told Becky about the dark blue object she said, ” Oh that is why i have felt difference in myself for a while”

Becky is someone who goes into the either a lot and sometimes we bring back things that are good for us and others that are not so good.

She cleanse herself and its going away now. (sage and a feather) or (salt and a intention)

After this experience  I went back to bed  and I was lying there trying to go back to bed but while resting with my eyes closed I felt a surge of positive  good light energy coming to me  and at the same time I knew who had sent it.  It was Becky.   I did not ask her to do that but she was thankful and i was aware enough to know what had happen.  About 5 minutes later I send her a email and thanked for the good positive spirit energy  that she just sent to me.   And her response was you are welcome.

These are the kind of experience one can have when two or more people  aware of their spirit self.

The spirit symbol on her throat was of a alien looking man who was good. some people use spirit guides to help them in their special abilities and spirit guides can be human or nonhuman .


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