Watch “Reiki/Music Native” on YouTube


This video shows images of American Indian culture that allows one to  be in a relax state of mind.  The physical mind  is active performing our tasks we do each day.   The learning how to use our mind  becomes aware to us as we learn each day new things.

We learn to mirror our father and mother and family and this is what we know to be reality .

Its Sunday lets hope in the car or walk today to church

to go outside we all learn we need  underwear pants shirt and other clothing items

If we want to get to work on time we set our alarm  to wake up so we can achieve the goal.

The older we get the more things our mind is thinking about and then we start to put outside influences  like music other peoples thoughts and messages from government and religious teachings.

To know who you are you must experience yourself without outside influences  for five to thirty minutes each day.  Relax, breath,connect and have knowledge not faith who you are and how we are all connected.   hint(if you close your eyes and look straight in front of yourself )




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