Out of body experience

Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Lets take a journey  and the starting point is we are lying in bed and we are sleeping for a few hours and we are aware that we are in bed and our physical body is sleeping and we are surrounded by our things and the walls that make up our place.  But at the same time  we are aware that we see  millions of stars even through  there is a roof and clouds above us.  At this point  we have a choice   do we get excited about what is happening or do we get scared.   We decide to move on by not getting excited or scared and we look at one star and we move to it within seconds it seems.  When we arrive we hover above the people that are there.  And we watch them walking with  different beings going in and out of caves and mountains and  doors and some are walking for a moment then then they are shooting off like shooting stars in directions based on there intentions.   Others wait for certain people to come together then they take off to their destination.   At  any point during our experience we  could get excited or scared we would be back in our room but once again we move into a room and when see everything  in the room is made out of rock and light and their is a picture on the wall and we take a glance at the picture and its a picture of a memory of someone experience in a physical world.  And at this point we move on by going into the picture and seeing the experience of a long tunnel wall  that is very high  and we try to go above the wall but it keeps getting taller as we move up so we decide to go through the wall because we can and we do and we find ourself  in front of several people who we do not know but as soon as they realize you are there they stop and  take a moment to show respect and move on with what they are doing.

I am aware of doing this and able to decide what i am doing in the  spirit world and we can all do this will practice.  Believe it  because you are already doing it every night even if you are not aware of it.


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