Johnnys SD Card 130

There is a big chance in  your community a park  exists with a beautiful lake .  People enjoy jogging and walking and being around the water with themselves and family or personal close friend.

In my community in Dallas  I walk around clockwise and counterclockwise just for a change of perceptive.  As I am walking on the trail that circles the lake that is three miles around I do what other people are doing like seeing the beauty of the sunrise and sunset and watching the water sparkle . The fish are eating up at the top of the water while the ducks are diving into the water.

As I am walking I also look for spirit entities  on land and in the air and in the water .  I glanced in the lake  about six feet from me and saw a white ball of energy and while looking the awareness grew and the ball was the head of  spirit being in the water and his back of his body was to me. The spirit man  became aware of me seeing him and turned and looked at me and started to moved back deeper into the water with his coat like clothes flickering.  I was able to follow him as he darted to the left and right zigzagging in different directions and then stopped and began to come closer to me and came out of the lake smiling.

The spirit being was all white; his clothes ,hair, arms,eyes,skin, and he was a Asian man.



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