President  Obama traded terrorists for an American solider who has come under fire being AWOL in a wartime environment  in Afghanistan.

The youtube video  shows two different periods in his life and I took a moment to see the spirit vibrations on Sgt. Bowe Berghahl  in the picture of the youtube video  that is shown at the start of the video.

The picture of Mr. berghahal on the left shows that when he talked it was a friendly happy voice  with an undertone of tarnish negative  vibration for a long time.   When he talked to people he gave negative vibrations almost always to someone he talked to even when speaking in a happy moment.

The picture on the right shows him at another time in his life.  On his forehead are four people who are not good people who surrounded him and he  looks at them as not being good people to much.  They are not evil but are not very good people either. His spirit laying down looking up, and there is a cat looking inward at him. There is a spirit being who is looking out that is more than slightly dark. His throat and neck area has a owl in darkness with hands reaching from behind.

The meaning is – when a person is in a physical body their spirit is looking to help  themselves because our spirit is more intelligent because our spirit has access to more knowledge than our physical brain has in this life.  He has chosen to not get any advice from his  spirit self but instead has supplanted his spirit views with less light . A spirit being WHO Is Not Really To good has been successfully in making him not to use good light light knowledge in making spiritual decisions.   This will not last for ever.

There are spirit beings who help not good people only and spirit being who help good people only.


Add on: His hand has a picture of him sitting on the ground with his knees bend against a wall.  A hand is on his shoulder , he is slightly leaning back.

He was in that position for a longtime against his will





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