noun: autism
a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

The picture above is only a picture to use as a reference as one child with autism.

I looked a upon one person who has autism and was able to see spirit symbols.

Behind all the symbols was a bright spirit being.   In front of his spirit was a cloud that went across his eyes  and along with the cloud was  fog or haze.

There was another one of the person that is a picture of a young child that is five years old and the persons body was showing except for the ankles and feet.

The person that was being observed was thirteen years old.

meaning- The person with autism is an advance spirit being and has a physical body where is physical eyes are normal but he is blinded or blocked and has good intentions.

Because of the issues that afflict this person with low end autism they are blind or blocked to possibilities that some one with normal faculties take for granted.   For instance  when clouds are in front of the sun can  sunshine hit the earth.  Light is blocked and makes it hard to grow the crops with the clouds were always there.  And the same is true with someone with autism, they are left with less light to work with and everyone else early in there life except the same yield as other child. later in their lives exceptions are less.

This person five years old and and looks to have fun like any five year old enough though the person is much older.

















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5 Responses to SPIRIT VIBRATION OF Autism child

  1. twinbeam says:

    This is a good question.

    I have a autism children he did not speak until he was 5 years old. If your child is not talking yet that means he is mostly inward. The more a child is inward or does not communicate effectively to his outside world the closer his aura will be to his physical body. This happens to anyone who struggles with their world. The more stress, hate ,annoyance, etc someone has in life the closer their aura is to themself.

    When a person is dying their aura starts to go in which helps them achieve a higher vibration.

    Hiding aura- with intention all things are possible

    • Brian Smith says:

      Thanks for the quick reply. My son does struggle with communication and speach is very limited so this may be a factor. His external enviroment is quite positive and free for the most part of negative influence. We keep him out of a regular public school enviroment by home schooling so I know there is nothing negative happening there. Unless the negative influence is more internal but I do not believe so because he is happy, non aggressive, and not really inward for the most part. I would actually say that in many ways he is more aware than most people especially with picking up peoples energies as well as noticing details that most don’t really notice. My wife told me that the psychic wanted to take his picture with her phone and my son would not allow her to do so like he was being guarded. So, I am a bit inclined to beleive that he was hiding his aura if that is possible. I found this site: http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/my-disturbing-observations
      That offered the full gammet of explainations ranging from alien hybrids to demonic possession, to starchild theories so that being said, I am not sure how credible the site is but makes for good entertainment none the less. Towards the end of the posts , there are a few people making the claim that some have the ability to actually shut down their chakras which hides thier auras. Again, not sure about the credability of the site or the claims made. Thanks again.

      • twinbeam says:

        You have hinted that your son has awareness more than others. My son did not talk and so he was aware of a person’s thoughts and feelings even through he could not verbalize any thing any one could understand. One day he talks to talk full sentences and he started off with mom your mother came and talked to me last night and told me it’s okay to talk. My son’s grandmother is dead . She died 4 years before he was born.

        People do not like strangers looking at them and your son is the same. When a stranger looks at us we avoid them if our intuition is active. This is one possible reason why your son aura is close to him.

        Your sons energy centers are working overtime to help him make sense of this world. This happens went a person struggles with communication to the outside world. Have a good day.

      • Brian Smith says:

        Thanks again for the insight. My son sounds very similar to your son. My son basically has no speech as well. So hoping one day out of the blue he starts speaking.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    I have a question I am hoping you can help with. I have a son who is 6 years of age with autism. He does not speak. My wife brought him in to see a psychic today and was told he does not have an aura. The psychic said it was something she had not seen before. Could this be? Everything I found online indicated that one’s aura disappears shortly before death. I also read that some have the ability to hide their auras. Not sure what to think. Any insight would be appreciated.

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