We make decisions each day with the faculties that we born with as a newborn human. We can create joy or bad times and struggles for ourselves.   The moments we stand back and see patterns of behaviors of success we tend to want to mimic those same out again and again.  Is it possible the successful out comes could be even better?

For those who can not see the spirit world yet  take a feather in your hand and each day morning and night place it for 2 minutes on top  of your head and both side of your head for  two weeks.  The intention  and image you should have is  being clean from negative vibrations and the image in your mind is seeing it  happening and do it in front of a mirror so you might have a chance to actually see it.

If you are successful you will feel better and make better decisions  because you will be cleaner.  Higher vibrations give a person more opportunities for awareness of things before you if only you had the cleanness to see.

Cleanse the feather before you use it and there is a chance that your spirit self could block the cleansing from being  positive to your vibration.


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One Response to KNOW THY SELF

  1. magnocrat says:

    You have forgotten fate; it can for no reason suddenly kill a man or leave him helpless. There is much over which we have no control.

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