Princess Märtha Louise of Norway AND SPIRIT TRUTH



Royalty on Earth is a birth right given to them by the God’s?  Martha is royalty which is bestowed on above her by church and state which are the main drivers of belief for the citizens of Norway.

For many many thousands of years in many cultures around the world the process is the same.  Everyone wants to know in their community that their leaders are of God or has God blessing.

The system has worked well over eons of time here on this planet.  The people in charge have children  and because of lineage the children are royalty  and to prove it to the people the church blesses the children to rule over the perspective kingdom.  Because people see their spirit teachers being of God and enlightenment they follow the kingdom leaders and if people scorn   they are beheaded, torched by fire, have silver put down their throat.

Princess Martha has been talking with Lisa Williams a know Television psychic who talks to the dead .  Because she follows her conscious and not the doctrine of church and state the talk is she does not talk for the church no more.   Their is a price to be paid when true is  your path and not the passed down version of belief.

My father was born in Norway and  I have family over there still.  One of my cousins asks me to do a spirit reading on Lisa Williams  since I am able to see spirit symbols on people.

Princess Martha –  The spirit symbols that is the most prominent on here third eyes is a picture of her and a man who is seeking sexual favors from her but she is leaning back and not giving in at the moment.  the man is not a good person.  The princess sees herself as a good person.

Lisa Williams She is able to talk to the dead so she can heal people on both sides of the veil.

She uses a spirit guide to help her talk to the departed spirits.  The spirit guide is a good spirit with big eyes like bee eyes, the eyes are real big to the portion of the head.  On top of the head is something like  bat ears and horns . some kind or configuration of the two is the look.

When a physical person comes to Lisa  and the spirit in need of cleansing  themselves is there the spirit being contacts to get positive vibration from both Lisa and the physical person there in the room.   The departed spirit is comes with a part of negative vibration and try to eliminate  as much negative energy as possible during the visit.


The address below is Lisa  Williams on a you tube video enjoy!







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