The fire ball from heaven

Fell down to earth and the one
Was able to bring himself to the fireball
And mistaken it for a sign from God.

The one worshiped  the stone and followers went to their knees to touch the now dead fireball from heaven.

Cave enlightenment of moments pass produced doctrine

The craft bringer set up the kingdom with robes of order ranking and with face mask of light,but behind the mask each knight was with dark
intentions unaware.

By seeing we see the path that leads to light., light is before our understanding and growth always.

Over eons of time the march creates a vortex of postive energy. Which opens the door to loving themselves and non believers and and open the message of freedom to all spirit beings of different degrees of light.

The march of everyone marching brings joy and enlightenment and positive energy to their spirit eyes which brings laws and culture of freedom of self, family , animals and all people born and unborn.

The spirit intention of lotus is to heal the heart and mind and emotions of all people. And the Earth spot with opening the hearts and minds of the marchers by calling upon light workers of flesh and positive entities to send positive energy and messages of love for self . With each rain drop, wave of the sea, wind movement, and sunshine hitting earth sends positive energy to the vortex and changes the vortex to positive.

Heal ! Heal !  Heal ! Only seek to increase others always.


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