The picture above shows an illusion.

People in this world walk around with a human body and so one can assume that our spirit body  is also human.

After walking through crowds of many people with spirit eyes open.   The conclusion one must come to is inside each person that we see in this life resides a spirit being of different degree of brightness.

Some are the brightness of the moon and some with the brightest of the sun and some the brightest of the stars and some the brightest above the sun.

Most of the spirit beings here are light being but there are spirit being that are not quite white here trying to evolve higher.

Imagine seeing a not quite light being being in a position of millions and millions of light beings in a spirit leadership role here on earth.

At first  when I saw this I wanted to stop this not quite a light being because someone like that will make others suffer in the flesh and spirit.

Tell the world who this person is I thought but how is one to evolve and get pass his present degree of not quite a light being?

Before we came down to the earth light beings agreed to suffer under the hands of being who are not quite a light being yet.

There is sadness and happiness and sympathy and empathy when watching this play out here on Earth.

There are alot of light beings walking around with a human body but do not have a human spirit.

They have a humanoid features but are from another part or space in the spirit world.

There is a tendency for non human light beings to be in positions in this life to help human light beings.


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