We have had a cold front across America the last few days.

As I glance at the weather from satellite view point  I look to see what the weather will be by seeing and watching spirit vibrations in the atmosphere.

Up above Canada there is a very big and very deadly  cold storm sitting  at the moment, and the size of  storm is about the size of America.

On the west coast storms are gathering together and having fun with each other waiting for another others to join them off the west coast near California.
And all the storms are looking in the direction west  waiting.


The cold storm in Canada is big and is not making much movement in any direction.   The cold front is well developed and has been around for a well. It’s age is that of a middle aged man that has a beared.

The cold front has the ability to hold onto it’s weather pattern.  It will be usually cold still in Canada.

On the west coast the storms are done having fun and are coming inland in the direction of middle of California.

Yesterday the storms were looking in the direction of looking out to the sea. But now they are looking inland and are coming in fast.

Yesterday the storms were waiting for a big storm to push them inland towards California.  The very big cold storm has arrived up around oregon  And north part of California .

Spirit vibration weather report update

The very cold weather is continuing in Canada because very little has changed.

The main image is being feed by very cold bad weather and the good weather is sitting down watching.

The spirit vibration of the cold front is still a man  that  has well developed image but is a little older looking from pass moment in time.

On the west coast  there is very cold weather storm out in the ocean working it’s way in land but at the sametime there is a direction push on purpose to have very cold weather aimed at Washington and Alaska

Spirit vibration weather report update

The super cold weather in Canada will continue  because the  cold front is still being feed cold bad weather and is not moving but out of the same cold front has formed another very bad cold weather that is moving down into the usa.  The main area is Michigan Wisconsin area .  The cold front is deathly cold.  Please stay in doors as it moves slowly downward  this cold front is worse than the one in Canada.

On the east coast just off the land near new York is a cold front  but the cold is wrapped with good energy and is hanging around.

It looks like a moth inside a cocoon.


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