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This is a picture of duck feathers that are collected in a ball however it reminded me of an experience I had in the spirit world. I was aware of being awake in my bedroom in the middle of the … Continue reading

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There are a variety of differences in women. Is there  a woman that  is so different from others as to stand out uniquely above others because of awareness of intelligence and abilities? From a text 1500 hundred miles away a … Continue reading

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COULD YOU CREATION THIS WATER FALL The above Internet address gives some reasons why scientists say yes to the question -could I make the water fall that is in this picture? I suggest you might start off with just seeing light in your hand then … Continue reading

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The fight surrenders to a woman’s voice whisper. The touch of fingers  holding on without a force. Gathering of energy to balance and please. Time well spent  in creating space for Atmosphere of heart and sight . The moment of … Continue reading

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Unknown Gift TO US ALL

  Nikola Tesla Was a gift to all mankind who came to earth and lived a life of inventing things far far beyond the intelligent minds on Earth. No doubting  is necessary any more on whether governments have the technology … Continue reading

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