observe the spirit that is inside the physical body

When looking at another person face we see usually two eyes, mouth, ears, hair, and nose.   How many people have observed two physical eyes and two spirit eyes at the same time while looking at the same face?

The youtube video above is an example of a possible look one could see when looking at a person’s spirit.

The spirit eyes can be just above the eye brows and another combination could be just under the eye brow or exactly on the physical eye or  really close to the bridge of the nose and where the corner of each inner eye area and about one inch above the eye brow.

After seeing both sets of eyes at the exact same time,  the head and features of the spirit that is inside the physical body  appears while observing someone.

The physical eyes and spirit eyes can be looking at different points of interest.

To  look at the spirit only one just has to change there intention.  Like a pendulum that goes back and forth.


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