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DejaVu In The Spirit World

Quite a few of us have experienced  deja vu while running into someone or a place and just for a moment or a long pause we have a inner knowing that you have awareness of events or people that you … Continue reading

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Hellen Keller speaks with voice

    Hellen Keller was born with caped abilities imposed upon Her at birth. Her physical disabilities were hers to over come and she did quiet well in this life. Hellen  was able to communicate with humans without sight or … Continue reading

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Carlos santana moment of perfection

  We can only achieve  what we practice  from with in ourselves.   We can take a moment  from SANTANA  to see we can have  moments of perfection.  Which can effect ourselves  and others, Enjoy your  heart enough  to share … Continue reading

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Can you see both faces of each person you see throughout your daily routine ? Seeing a face without a blemished is pleasing to the eyes however seeing spirit uncleanness  within helps the one seeing the chance to help without … Continue reading

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