Doors open and close


You have been in a house when a door has been opened and  entered the room that is full of people.  Sometimes you feel apart of the group that is there and other times you can be in a room that is full of people and feel alone or isolated.

We all have a light that reaches out and touches one another  like a light bulb. 

A person can be in a space and share light and enjoyment of one or more entities  by choice by physical being there .  Let say you keep getting into arguments with one person and so you try to avoid that person the best you can but still leaving the door cracked open enough for improvement.  This what we do with our physical mind to avoid stressful people.

However when a person is aware of there spirit self they can in the spirit world disconnect with  a person in the spirit world by choosing to shut the door of light which brings empty space  of lesser light around  the person they with hold there light from in the spirit world.


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