DejaVu In The Spirit World


Quite a few of us have experienced  deja vu while running into someone or a place and just for a moment or a long pause we have a inner knowing that you have awareness of events or people that you have never met in this life time.

While being in a physical body we can go into the spirit world an experience deja vu experiences also because last night I was in the spirit world and I was on a light road that led to a house and there was trees and pastures around in a country setting. Even through I have no memory of this place I had a inner knowing it belonged to me. It is a place I go for peace.

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Hellen Keller speaks with voice



Hellen Keller was born with caped abilities imposed upon Her at birth. Her physical disabilities were hers to over come and she did quiet well in this life.

Hellen  was able to communicate with humans without sight or hearing and tried to communicate with her voice around her environment.

People have mostly looked at her from the point of view of her disabilities because it’s note worthy and worth a moment of pause and mediation.

Helens spirit eyes were open and looking around even though her physical eyes were unabled. Some people spirits are not centered in perfectly in a physical body. Why?

Even though she was blind and could not hear at birth Hellen has spirit symbols on her.

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Carlos santana moment of perfection


We can only achieve  what we practice  from with in ourselves.   We can take a moment  from SANTANA  to see we can have  moments of perfection.  Which can effect ourselves  and others,

Enjoy your  heart enough  to share it from within and outside  your physical  body,

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Can you see both faces of each person you see throughout your daily routine ?

Seeing a face without a blemished is pleasing to the eyes however seeing spirit uncleanness  within helps the one seeing the chance to help without anyone knowing  about the event.

Being able to see these thing gives the  person seeing  the awareness of understanding other people’s spirit struggles which helps to heal both people.   Or in other words the person who can see and the person being seen have a chance to both be healed.

Heal in another  and by doing so you will heal yourself.

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Where you are in distortion and clarity is who one truly is for all to see and touch.

Do we love ourselve by loving others who appear to be less fortunate.


Or do we turn our backs to them because of perceive difference.  The person may stutter, be blind, mental illness, or have autism. 

Can you touch someone with a smile?

We love ourselve by healing others


We call dogs animals and pets to separate them from ourselves but consider they are a spirit being with growth it is seeking.   Can you love something that is different from yourself?

We all will come to conclusion on this distortion and clarity.

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observe the spirit that is inside the physical body

When looking at another person face we see usually two eyes, mouth, ears, hair, and nose.   How many people have observed two physical eyes and two spirit eyes at the same time while looking at the same face?

The youtube video above is an example of a possible look one could see when looking at a person’s spirit.

The spirit eyes can be just above the eye brows and another combination could be just under the eye brow or exactly on the physical eye or  really close to the bridge of the nose and where the corner of each inner eye area and about one inch above the eye brow.

After seeing both sets of eyes at the exact same time,  the head and features of the spirit that is inside the physical body  appears while observing someone.

The physical eyes and spirit eyes can be looking at different points of interest.

To  look at the spirit only one just has to change there intention.  Like a pendulum that goes back and forth.

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This is a picture of duck feathers that are collected in a ball however it reminded me of an experience I had in the spirit world.

I was aware of being awake in my bedroom in the middle of the night. 

I was surrounded around me by spirit matter for lack of another word.  It was thicker like a wall would be verses walking through a room without something being in your way.  

I was able to put my spirit hand in the spirit matter like a scoop of ice cream.
Has I raise my hand to examine it closer I was able to see very tiny  intelligent entity creatures floating away that looked like duck feathers in a coat or pillow.
Each one was brighter than white and when the beings are close together they look like a solid wall or a dish , house, river.
When the spirit matter flows  it can look like white liquid  light river.

The spirit world where I was at this time had a  natural white shine or glow without light switch.

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There are a variety of differences in women.

Is there  a woman that  is so different from others as to stand out uniquely above others because of awareness of intelligence and abilities?

From a text 1500 hundred miles away a woman with abilities that are rare might text a question; can I take a look at you?

Meaning of the statement is I want to look at your spirit?

Can a woman qualify having a degree of men do this action ?

Can a unique woman remove emotional hurt and pain like jesus in the Bible and not want recognition or fame of men or woman of this world?

Could a woman who is once in a lifetime have the ability to shock another person spirit and not have a ego because of these abilities?

Could she be priestess but almost never let anyone know of what she is as a spirit being.

How many woman do you know like this in your life?

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The above Internet address gives some reasons why scientists say yes to the question -could I make the water fall that is in this picture?

I suggest you might start off with just seeing light in your hand then move to  collecting energy in a space ,then make a butterfly then a animal like a wolf or cat then  land or field of grass then you are ready to make a beginner water fall.

Seems simple to some  people and an impossible for other people to accomplish.   Which one are you currently now?

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The fight surrenders to a woman’s voice whisper.

The touch of fingers  holding on without a force.

Gathering of energy to balance and please.

Time well spent  in creating space for
Atmosphere of heart and sight .

The moment of mediation opens ; communication  of self  starts for other beings of impossible  connections.

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Unknown Gift TO US ALL


Nikola Tesla Was a gift to all mankind who came to earth and lived a life of inventing things far far beyond the intelligent minds on Earth.

No doubting  is necessary any more on whether governments have the technology to make weather change.

NIKOLA has 700 hundred patents!

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