Spirit Symbols/visions

One of the things I can do for you is I can see your spirit symbols/vision (symbols)that are on your body. If you send me one or more pictures of yourself I will tell you what  I see you have on your face or hand or arm. by sending me a picture you are giving me permission to tell you what your symbols/vision symbols are on your body.  my email is                ingmarthis1@gmail.com

I need a focus point and having a picture helps me have a vision and I can tell you  what your self-image is and what problem you are having spiritually  and how you feel.  I do not need your name or any personal information.


any pet you have or working animal i can also see and tell you how they are doing.




I prefer to do them with a picture.


3 Responses to Spirit Symbols/visions

  1. laurie says:

    ive tried writing this to u 3 timea now so will make it short. i see stmbols,#s, drawings, spirits, an so much other stuff n my picks. but its not really clear enough to see and i dont understand at all y i see it an noone else can!!! everyine thinks im crazy. u took these pics of my step daughter and have never seen this???? can u help me and tell me whAt this means. im really worried about her cause thats crazy!!! what is it

    • twinbeam says:

      I am so glad you took the time to write to me.

      I will talk to WordPress about the issue of pictures being posted easy for you.

      I would love to see you pictures

      Most psychic see what you see and it takes time to have the knowing of the symbols you see

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